The past 5 months have been amazing, beautiful, challenging, and crazy. The learning curve is very steep, but there is an aspect to fatherhood that calls out “you were made for this” whenever I start to think or pray about it. It’s true what they say about becoming a parent and understanding the love of God. My heart exploded the day that Noah was born, and I caught a tiny glimpse of how Father God feels about us, his children. Every day my heart explodes all over again, and I realize that being a parent is a pathway to understanding the unending, unquenchable, unexplainable, unconditional love of God.
This past weekend, I was singing “Good, Good Father” in a congregational setting while holding Noah, and I had to sit down because I was overcome with emotion. I was overcome with love for Noah and the realization that my love doesn’t even begin to compare with the perfect love God has for us. And it’s crazy: all Noah does is poop and cry and giggle and flail, and Laura and I sit and stare in awe of him, enraptured by how cute we think he is. What if I realized that this is how God feels about me? That I am a child of the Most High King, and I am well loved before I do or achieve anything? Doesn’t that change everything? Shouldn’t that affect how I think, act, feel, speak? I need to live in this reality, where I know who I am because I know Whose I am, and I have a good, good Father that takes care of his children.


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