Part of having a good attitude and a positive perspective is allowing yourself to see the world through the eyes of a child. This is something I was taught in both sales school and Sunday school. Jesus tells us to come to him as a child comes to the Father, which means coming to him with unshakable faith and trust. My sales manager at the Southwestern Company would remind me of this fact as well as the fact that children are not worried about the next day’s sales or successes. Everything is full of opportunity and excitement in the eyes of a child.
I see this with Noah. He is only five months old, but he is extremely observant and responsive. I can tell that everything amazes him, from a reflection of light on the wall to our dog panting in his face to the sounds of his parents’ voices. Everything around him fills him with wonderment.
In the adult world, it is easy to get bogged down with the routine and the mundane. If your motto is “another day, another dollar,” either you need a new job or you just need a refreshed perspective. Remember when you were a child, and you thought that the jobs that adults did were the coolest thing? Whether it was programming computers, selling insurance, or researching bacteria, the things that adults did simply intrigued us as kids. Where is our childlike wonder? Do you see the world as full of disappointment, or full of opportunity?

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