The past couple of weeks have felt like walking on thin ice. I am sure Laura literally feels that way. Her water broke at 20 weeks on July 4th while we were visiting family in Ohio, and now that we are home in South Carolina, she is on bed rest until delivery. But we are hopeful. God is our healer and our provider, and He takes care of his littlest children. During the couple of days that we were in the hospital, I knew that I had to just give it all to the Lord. Just that past Sunday, Pastor Paul Haithcock had talked about dealing with seasons of “heat,” or trials, where believers are forced to rely on nothing else but the power of God. I directed my frustration at the enemy, and told him that it didn’t matter what he threw at us, I would remain faithful to my God.

A bold claim, I know; but as we learned from Job, it’s not our place to question God about the goodness and perfection of His plans. God is the giver of life, and He is fully able to do whatever it is He pleases. I also know that He ultimately has our best interests in mind. So in that moment in the hospital, I told God I give up. It’s all Yours, anyway. Anna was and is Yours, my wife and I are yours, and this baby in Laura’s womb is Yours. I declare life and healing over her, and You may do as You please. 

We continue to declare this; but now, rather than praying out of desperation, we are praying from a place of peace and confidence in knowing that God is in control. We are thankful to be at home until Laura is admitted at 26 weeks. She already beat the odds of making it this far (75% of women that experience this deliver within a week), so we keep pressing into God and believing that our baby will grow to full term. We will name it and claim it!


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