My name is Jared Trudel, and I am “The Holy Salesman!” I hope you enjoy my blog. I completed my BS in Business Administration at Indiana Wesleyan University and my MS in Marketing (with a certificate in Social Media Marketing) at Southern New Hampshire University. It was my graduate program that fueled the creation of this blog, which I created to bring a biblical perspective to marketing and sales. A lot of what I learned about sales and recruiting came from the internship I did for four years with the Southwestern Company, as well as my four years as an admissions counselor. I try to draw from those experiences to share what I know about building successful habits in the context of following Jesus. I draw from my graduate experience and my current position in enrollment management to share what I know about marketing and social media.

I am currently the CRM Coordinator at Southern Wesleyan University in Central, South Carolina, where I also manage the social media accounts for the Office of Admissions, teach marketing courses as an adjunct, and chair the Fine Arts Committee. I live in the town of Central with my wife, Laura, my son, Noah (#noahthecomforter on Instagram), and our dog Mack (#sirMackthedog). We pursue a simple and natural lifestyle centered around intentional community, fitness and nutrition, and prayer. I hope that you will find these posts informative and inspiring.

Grace and peace,
Jared Trudel